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To give in order to receive!


To give and receive is the cycle we must be willing to accept, share with those who need, is called charity; share with those who do not need, is called generosity and we will see that in times of need things will come to us without having asked for them.

Definitely, to live in abundance you must believe in yourself, that you can achieve what you propose, the certainty of having clear thoughts that can be translated into concrete actions that will lead you to materialize your dreams, in Pájaro Macuá we have everything you need so that abundance is always by your side, read carefully what you need to achieve it:

– A dish that is deep.

– Grains of: chickpeas, lentils, rice, sunflower seeds, beans and corn.

– A see money candle.

– See money salts.

– 1 juan dollar water with pheromones.

– Macua bird spray perfume with pheromones.

– A juan dollar soap with pheromones.

To begin in a place that is special for you place the plate and in the center of it the come money candle, around the candle inside the plate you are going to mix the 6 grains that symbolize abundance in love, money, health, happiness, peace, and everything you want to ask for.

Afterwards you take a container where you can dilute the juan dollar water with pheromones and you are going to mop inside out, while repeating this prayer:

“My God, All Mighty! Before you I come to praise and magnify your name, to tell you to be my Father and guide. I give you my life, my goals, and dreams, so that, through your glory, luck and money may come to me, the fullness and happiness that can only come from your grace, in my life, family, business, relationships and profession, renew my world and make of me what is your will always.

Lord, do not let me travel this road alone. Guide my steps with your infinite wisdom and power, and rather give me the privilege of walking with your majestic company, always thanking you and accepting with joy whatever it is you have for me. I beseech you Father, to give me the necessary impulse to be lucky and achieve my monetary goals.

I thank You eternally for all the times that You have accompanied me and given me the best, although at first glance I have not realized it. Continue to do so in my day to day, because in my heart I have full confidence that you are listening to me and that you are there, blessing me so that luck stands by me, I know this because you are always attentive to the needs of your children. I ask this through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

In your shower, in a small container, you will put the salts come money, and you will bathe yourself with the juan dollar soap with pheromones, from head to toe, visualizing each aspect in which you wish to have abundance.

Finally, every day before leaving home, apply the macuá bird spray perfume with pheromones, because with this you will achieve that the people around you, help you to achieve your purposes.

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