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Break your bad streak and welcome good sex!


Yes, as you read it, end that bad streak in which the last thing you get off is your underwear, with this ritual you can light, again, the flame of passion, the other person will burn with desire for you and can´t help to get excited by the thought of you or have you near him/her. In this way, he/she will only have eyes for you and will not be able to have sexual relations with anyone but you.

In addition, this unstoppable desire will overflow into unbridled passion in bed, which will allow you to enjoy yourself like never before.

One of the most common mistakes is to force sexual relationship, but also to stand idly by and do nothing, waiting for time to solve the situation. Neither of the two options will be positive because in the first case sex will end up being an obligation, a chore. And in the second case we will stop prioritizing sexuality, disconnecting from our partner, and losing our bond of intimacy.

Sexual appetite or desire must be cultivated. To begin with, it is necessary to promote the intimacy of the couple recovering spaces and attitudes that have been lost, for it touches to change customs, to see what does not help to foment the intimacy and to introduce pertinent changes.

Now, what do you need for the Aphrodite ritual?

First you must place the rose quartz crystal carefully in the bowl with water, then remove the petals of the two roses and put them in the bowl.

Light the African seven potency candle, while doing this, say three times:

“May Venus, the goddess of love and passion, bring warmth and happiness to my heart!”

Then you should spray the attraction splash with pheromones ten times in the bowl and add fifteen drops of perfume binds men with pheromones. Cover it with a white cloth and leave it overnight near the window.

The next day, strain it all and put the liquid in the bottle and cover it tightly. Put two drops of this elixir behind your ears every day, until you use it completely.

The quartz crystal should be placed on the night table. Finish the entire bottle with this elixir and also use the pheromone attraction splash daily.

Before every date you have, take a bath with the seven African powers gel and on elbows, knees, wrists, neck and behind the ears apply the oil only you will be mine with pheromones.

Some tips you can take into account are:

Be sensual: it is a matter of attitude. It consists of being aware of our sexuality in a natural way.

Keep your independence: the existence of a certain (healthy) space between partners nourishes eroticism.

Get your imagination going: think of encounters and situations that stimulate your desire and share them with your partner.

Renew your relationship: changing some aspects or habits that can create routines and prevent others from being taken for granted increases motivation, renews interest, and can stimulate desire.

Excitement and adventure: are two factors that play an important role in desire, which has nothing to do with attachment and security. So, if you want to rescue it, create new and unexpected situations: a dinner, a message or a trip can have an effect.

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