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Are you ending another year single? If you want to find that person who is a partner in life, adventures, new experiences … but you have not succeeded, if you are of this group of people, of those who want and want to love and be loved and there is no human way to find someone who meets your expectations today we offer a ritual that can help you to keep away what does not suit you and attract what you do.

And since Christmas and the end of the year is a great time to make changes, here we tell you what you need to attract the love of your life.

– 1 bottle of you will come back to me with pheromones.

– 3 red candles.

– 1 come to me candle.

– Red rose petals.

– Macuá bird spray perfume with pheromones.

– Printed Macuá bird love prayer.

– 1 bottle of gypsy spell.

– 1 red garment.

– Macuá Bird Body Splash with the Nest.

To begin we must eliminate all negative energy from our house, the night before Christmas Eve sweep the negative energies. If a corner brings back sad or ugly memories, pass the broom through the place and drag it to the door to get rid of the bad.

Then, we must attract the positive energy of the gypsy spell throughout your home. Its aroma will invade your home and you will welcome a new year, with a great love to offer you.

Now, it is time to clean your energies, to open your soul to that new love so desired, take a shower, applying you will come back to me with pheromones, when you get out of the bath, wear the red garment and spray on your body the Body Splash of the Macuá Bird with the Nest.

In a place that is special for you, spread the rose petals and candles in the following way, the red candles will form a triangle between them and in the center you will place the come to me candle, and you will do the Macuá Bird love prayer.

Prayer for the love of Macuá Bird:

Oh great nest of the Macuá Bird, admired throughout the world for your great wonders, for having had the privilege of Christ our Lord.

For having taken his thorns from his sacred temple, in his sacred passion and from his lips came forth that he would be sought by the eagerness of men and women, who like Melchior, Gaspar, and Baltazar brought gold, myrrh, and incense to the child Jesus and to myself for my lot.

I bring you:

gold to find treasure; so that I may not lack I give you silver; copper so that I may always have enough; coral to avoid envy; jet to avoid illness; wheat for a good wife, roof and shelter; magnet for money and wealth.

Thus there will be peace, money, love, health, work, and the tranquility that I need.

Every night before going to sleep from December 23 to December 31, light the candles, perform the prayer with faith and spray all over your bed the macuá bird perfume spray with pheromones, follow this ritual step by step and you will surely find the love of your life.

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