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Macua Bird Spray Perfume with pheromones good luck prayer for the macua bird

Oh great nest of the macua bird admired by the whole world for your great wonders, for your sacred power, for giving home to that extraordinary Bird, the macua bird that bird that reached the privilege of Christ Our Lord, for having removed the thorns from his sacred temple in his passion from his lips came out that would be sought with eagerness by men and women Just as Melchior Gaspar and Balthazar took gold, myrrh and incense to the baby Jesus, the macua bird will take to his master luck, life and health I… …say name and last name, I give you: gold to find treasure; silver so that abundance will not be lacking; copper so that I will always have plenty of coral to avoid envy; jet to avoid illness; wheat for a good husband, roof and shelter; magnet for money, richness, love, health, work and peace of mind, which is what I need.