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The end of the year is approaching and it is essential to eliminate everything that is useless and we want to leave behind from 2022, you feel that energy does not flow and when you enter to your house you feel that an elephant falls on you, you sleep, you do not rest and nightmares are the owners of your dreams.it is time to do a cleaning of your home, for 2 Fridays in a row in order to renew the energies around you.

What will you need?

– A handful of coarse salt.

– Black destroyer candle.

– dry leaves of rue, laurel, rosemary, myrrh, and incense.

– flower water spell breaker.

– Cinnamon powder.

– Gel against curses.

– San Benito prayer.

– Oil against the evil eye.

– Saint Benedict medal.

– Soap for everything.

On a surface, place a deep plate in which you are going to introduce the dry leaves of rue, laurel, rosemary, myrrh and incense, you must be sure that the plate supports high temperatures, because we do not want you to have an accident, right next to the plate you are going to make a circle with coarse salt and in the center you are going to place the black candle destroyer, in front of it you put the San Benito medal, the tradition indicates that it is a symbol to defend you from evil.

With the flower water spell breaker mop the house inside out while you make a prayer to San Benito.

“O glorious St. Benedict, sublime model of all virtues, pure vessel of God’s grace.

Here I am, humbly prostrate before you. I implore your heart full of love to intercede for me before the divine throne of God.

To you I have recourse in all the dangers that daily surround me.

Protect me against my enemies, against the evil enemy in all his forms and inspire me to imitate you in all things.

May your blessing be with me always, so that I may flee from all that is not pleasing to God and thus avoid sin.

Sweetly I ask, to obtain for me from God the favors and graces of which I am so much in need, in the trials, in the miseries and in the afflictions of life.

Your heart was always so full of love, compassion, and mercy towards those who were afflicted or in trouble of any kind.

You have never dismissed without comfort and assistance anyone who had recourse to you. Therefore, I invoke your powerful intercession, hoping and trusting that you will hear my prayers and obtain for me the special grace and favor that I so earnestly implore you (ask the favor you want to receive), if it is for the greater glory of God and the good of my soul.

Help me, oh great St. Benedict, to live and die as a faithful child of God, that I may always be submissive to His holy will, in order to attain the eternal happiness of heaven. Amen.”

Now you have to light the candle and the dry leaves, so that with the smoke every corner is purified, simultaneously take a bath with the soap for everything and combine it with the gel against curses so you will move away from you all the bad and dark energies.

When leaving the bath apply on your body the oil against evil eye and welcome the new energies, to extinguish the black candle destroyer and the dry leaves, blow cinnamon powder that cancels the evil, remember to do the ritual on Friday December 23rd and Friday December 30th to start the new year full and renewed with positive energies.

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The end of the year is approaching and it is essential to eliminate everything that is useless and we want to leave behind from 2022,