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Get ready to close the year!


Finding inner peace is essential to obtain balance in our lives and to enjoy greater happiness in our daily lives, you already know that the energy of the home depends on many things and when it is bad it affects everyone.

What are you going to do?

1- Put some coarse salt (a handful) under your broom, where you usually keep it.

2- When people leave your home or when the floor needs to be cleaned, use that broom, sweeping that salt all over the floor and while saying: “As I sweep this salt, I sweep out the negative energy”. Always from inside out.

3- Then throw the salt in the toilet asking the water to take away the negative energy that has entered your home.

4- Once a week light palo santo with a macuá bird candle, this candle containing fragments of the macuá bird’s nest is very powerful

“Beloved life, watch over my steps today (repeated 3 times).

Lead me on the path of my purpose of existence.

Keep me connected to the masculine and feminine force in me to maintain balance.

May my thoughts, emotions and actions be propellants of loving energy and well-being within and around me.

May everything that comes to me come from you and be illuminated with universal light.

May blessings of love, peace, security, and joy manifest at all times, even in my dreams and in the moments when I am not so present.

I feel trust. I allow myself to be myself here and now. I choose life.

I breathe the breath of life; I recharge myself with vital energy and I am pure healthy and loving energy.

Only life can touch me, only life guides me, I know only life (Repeated 3 times).

Amen, Amen, Amen”.

5. Mop every space of your house with the palo santo  perfume, this expels the negative energies and attracts the positive energies.

To finish this ritual take a shower with the soap of the macuá bird stripping you of all kinds of salation and attracting all the abundance you deserve and still with your wet body apply the perfume of the macuá bird the macuá bird will bring to its master luck, life and health I …… give you name and surname I give you: gold to find treasure; so that abundance will not be lacking, I give you silver; copper so that I will always have more; coral to avoid envy; jet to avoid illness; wheat for a good husband, roof and shelter; magnet for money, wealth, love, health, work and tranquility, which is what I need.

This cleansing gives our energy a new space for the universe to fill it with positive energy, new experiences and people that will make a change in our life, by eliminating that negative energy, and getting rid of it, we balance our environment, we protect ourselves and we enter in balance, ready to restart a new cycle.

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