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In november 23 begins the new moon, another opportunity to restart your life and start from scratch, and give life to all the possibilities, all opportunities, all dreams, plans and emotions.

NASA experts describe the new moon as the “invisible phase of the moon,” explaining that, in this phase, “the moon is in the same place of sky as the sun,” rising and setting with it.

New moons also offer new beginnings and the opportunity to see things from a different perspective, this is why we must begin with a purification of our soul to be reflected in our aura, start by taking a relaxing bath with the spiritual salts of prosperity, by using it you will never lack love, money and health in your home, during the first 48 hours following the exact time of the new moon, a window of opportunity opens to make wishes that, if visualized, will come true in the days and months to come.

Get the most out of emanating energy coming from the perfect alignment of the sun and the moon so that luck never leaves you, apply gold rain rolon oil in the crease of the elbows and knees, behind the ears and neck, repeat this step for 15 days, accompanying this moment of positive affirmations, positive thoughts will always bring transformation in your inner world and therefore will be reflected in your outer world.

Here are some examples:

“I let go all the blocks that prevent me from being and living abundantly.”

“I am prosperous and everything I touch I make abundant.”

“My inner wealth attracts my outer wealth.”

“I live my life with fullness and prosperity by being happy doing what I do.”

“My gifts are the bridge to give and receive the abundance of life as a gift.”

On november 25 before midnight, close the cycle before the beginning of the crescent moon by taking a shower with the powerful 7 drops lucky soap with pheromones and link the four branches; happiness, health, money and love.

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