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Ritual to attract prosperity to your life and home

If you feel that even having a job, a partner and money, prosperity does not come to your life, it is time to perform a ritual to attract prosperity. The following ritual is intended to attract prosperity in love, finances, work, health, food and harmony at home. For this ritual you will need the following materials:

-100 grams of rice.

-100 grams of lentils.

-12 grapes.

-Petals of 1 red rose.

-12 coins.

-Tangerine oil.

-Coconut oil.

-Almonds oil.

-1 white candle.

-1 green candle.

-1 golden eagle candle.

-1 yellow candle saint michael the archangel.

-1 large plate.

-3 small plates.

-1 cup.

In a corner or corner of your home, place the large plate with the lit candles and around it, in the shape of a semicircle, place the three small plates. In one of the small plates place the rice, lentils and grapes, in the other the red rose petals and in the last the coins. In the glass, mix the oils and spread a few drops on each of the small plates. Perform once a month and especially when Christmas approaches, these days positive energies are in the air and favor this ritual.

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