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Luck in love, in the lottery, at work and in life in general is what you will achieve by performing the following ritual with great faith, you will need to have:

-1 green candle of the holy death macuá bird.

-12 coins of different denominations.

-1 bottle of spiritual salts of prosperity.

-2 Cinnamon sticks.

– Petals of 2 red roses.

-1 jar with lid.

-1 old lottery ticket.

The 12 coins represent the twelve months of the year, the 2 roses for love as a couple, the spiritual salts for abundance, the cinnamon for passion and the old bill for luck in the games we want to attract.

In a jar at the bottom place the salts, around it the lottery ticket, the coins, the petals and the cinnamon stick, cover with water and cover. On the lid of the jar place the candle and light. The next day replace the candle with a new one and on the third day uncover, discard everything except the coins, which will serve as an amulet keeping 11 of them at home and the other should always be carried with you.

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