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Macua Bird Kit

With this combo you will receive all the benefits of the sacred products of the Macua bird and all the blessings and benefits that the Macua bird has brought to humanity all these years

Products Included in the KIT:

  • Watering the Macua Bird with pheromones and the original nest (32oz)
  • Lips Oil with Pheromones
  • Rolled Bird Macua Oil
  • Restless Macua Bird Oil
  • Macua Bird Florida Water
  • Macua Bird Body Splash with Nest
  • Salts Macua Bird
  • Macua Bird Gel
  • Macua Bird 4oz Perfume contains the nest
  • Macua Bird Soap (Oval)
  • Macua Bird Soap (Black)
  • Health Money and Love Bracelet
  • Macua Bird Perfume Spray with pheromones
  • Parfum .5 oz Macua Bird (In Box)
  • Oil .5oz Bird Macua (In Box)