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31th October Rituals and day of the dead


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Did you know that … the night of October 31 and those of November 1 and 2 (Days of the Dead) is perfect to celebrate rituals of connection with yourself, detachments and changes? October 31 New Year of Witches, November 1 and 2 Day of the Dead, are perfect times to do rituals for:

  • Close Cycles
  • Spiritual Reborn
  • Soul Purification

Ritual Closing Cycles

At home, perform this ritual to renounce everything that makes you ill
With the Pajaro Macua Road Opener Soap, take a bath at 12 midnight, let it dry for 20 min on your body and afterwards incinerate an object that belongs to or is related to what you want to release.

Spiritual Reborn Ritual

Attract the energy of nature for your new beginning.
In your room, make a circle surrounding your bed with stones and dry leaves, fill your body with rue oil and light an incense of the good luck of the macua bird; then lie down for 1 hour in your bed and let nature act on you.

Soul Purification Ritual

Remove bad thoughts, envy and hatred from your life.
Light an aloe candle in a corner of your house and wear the Obatala necklace throughout the day and let everything good and white take over you.

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